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Rajni Shah

In among the accidents and choices there were also shows.
The essay gives little away.
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Mr Quiver

The first in the trilogy, Mr Quiver began as an autobiographical piece of theatre and expanded to become a four hour performance installation. This video (very old!) was part of my first attempt at a promotional DVD about my work. I sent it out to programmers. I am a little embarrassed about it now, but it’s what remains from that project. Make of it what you will.

Dinner with America

By the time I made Dinner with America I had learnt that it’s best to invite someone else to do the documention. For this project, I invited filmmaker Lucy Cash to document the process, and later, once Lucy became one of the performers, Becky Edmunds created this film of the final show. I hated the idea of having cameras in the space while we were inviting the audience to ‘move freely’, so we staged a one-off performance that was specifically to-camera, with an audience who were invited on that understanding.


Of all three shows, Glorious was the hardest to document. Its work lay in process, relationship, and performance, all entwined together over long stretches of time. I never wanted to create ‘documentation’ for this work, but I did want to create something someone could hold as a memento. So I invited writer Mary Paterson to travel alongside the project and create a publication from her experiences. And I invited Becky Edmunds to edit together footage from each of the final performances. Becky’s film, Distance and Nearness, sits alongside a music video by Lucy Cash, and other written, aural, and visual traces from the project. It is partial, personal, and poetic.